(Junior) Professionals

At TAKKT, you can expect a varied range of tasks with a high level of personal responsibility in an international field.

Thanks to our onboarding steps, you will get to know all the relevant topics right away and quickly come into contact with many different colleagues and stakeholders. This allows you to play an active role in exciting projects directly from the start.

I decided to start my career at TAKKT because the Group offers exciting development prospects, both professionally and personally. I was able to quickly take on responsibility for the diverse tasks and thanks to the organizational structure of the Group, I get a lot of interesting insights into the company. What I also really like at TAKKT is the great teamwork among colleagues and the flat hierarchies.

Tim Schmid Manager Group Treasury & IR

Having started at TAKKT right after finishing my master's degree, I was able to get involved in a wide range of topics right from the start, such as leasing and the group-wide receivables management. Very quickly, you get the opportunity to take responsibility for your core topics and a high learning curve is a given. I particularly appreciate the opportunity to work with many colleagues in different countries and departments.

Franziska Klingebiel Manager Group Accounting

What you can expect

We're already looking forward to going back to our office! Find out what it looks like via our virtual mini office tour:

Your Career Development @ TAKKT

In line with our mindset that every employee has talent, we create a framework which allows employees to develop according to their individual strengths. 

Be part of our learning culture and design your own career development - you are in the driver's seat!

TAKKT supports and guides you on your individual development journey. Our career framework and tools guide you through the journey to discover your strengths and career potential, identify where you want to grow and develop an individual action plan to get there.

In a learning culture where we focus on continuous learning, we want to support the development of your skills in order to help you to reach your goals. 

We use the 70:20:10 Model as a base for planning development activities.

Based on this model, the individual development opportunities range from "on the job" measures, such as project management and job rotation, to "near the job" activities, such as peer mentoring and coaching, to "off the job" training and seminars. This includes internal trainings on feedback and project management as well as external trainings, such as certified training or studies. 

In order to strengthen and support joint learning and networking at TAKKT, we offer various activities.

It is important to us that all colleagues receive the support they need.

Therefore, we provide target-group oriented development measures like aufTAKKT - our internal career development program for career starters. 

Start your career development with us and learn more about your strengths and potential!

How to become part of our team

Customized to the respective recruiting process and team, each recruiting process differs a little.

Simply apply via our career website. For a start, all you need is your CV - no motivational letter required.

In general every interview process starts with a first virtual get to know with HR.

If our expectations align, the second step will be a more technical interview with the respective department.

We often offer the possibility to talk to your prospective peers in order to get a feeling for the team fit and sometimes ask you to do a case study.

You will receive quick feedback on the process. If it should take longer, we will keep you posted! If both parties think it's a good fit, we look forward to working with you soon!


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